PICTURE BOX wall display cabinet

Product Price
  • Security Locks

    Brass Security Lock which requires a key for opening, can be fitted to any Wall Display Cabinet.

    • 9.5 £

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Choosing your wood finish and backing will then prompt you to choose the external dimensions of the boxed picture box wall display cabinet.  The width is based upon the internal measurement, whilst the height and length are the external sizes of the box excluding the frame of the door).  These glass display cabinets are typically sold 3″ deep as standard (other sizes can be chosen) .  They are therefore suitable for various scales of models –  boats, aircraft, ships etc and golf balls, crystal, shoes, thimbles,handbags etc – various collectables.

Standard wood finish is typically dark oak, indian rosewood or mahogany however we have produced bespoke cases using pine, oak, painted white so please always ask if there is an alternative finish you would like us to consider if it is not on the ‘Wood Finish’ option above.

Choose your backing colour and wood finish above and the dimension window will then pop up for you to specify your outer wall case dimensions.  The dimensions are based upon the size of the picture box, which then will have the door added (be aware the sizing will therefore increase slightly if you are placing in a limited space.

Your case can be ordered to your specific requirements, considering whether it should be ordered in Vertical or Horizontal (Portrait or Landscape) form.  The doors on the former being hinged whilst on the latter are held by 6kg magnetic catches and lift off totally.

Security locks can be fitted if required. The glass shelves may be fitted at any spacing since the pegs can be moved at 20mm intervals.

The rear panel of each case is covered in a jewellers suede in a choice of red, burgundy, royal blue, sky blue, navy blue, opal (pale green), dark green, parchment (cream), silver grey, ash grey or black. Alternatively a mirror backing may be specified at an extra cost and is chosen using the drop down menu

Hanging is accomplished by using our own design of bracket which allows removal for decorating in about 30 seconds (not including emptying!).


Some of the popular dimensions are shown below in inches:

18 x 18 x 4

24 x 24 x 3 or 4

2 x 28 x3 or 4

12 x 15 x 3

15 x 12 x 3

18 x 15 x 3 

18 x 24 x 3

24 x 18 x 3

18 x 36 x 3

24 x 28 x 3

28 x 24  x 3

24 x 36 x 3

36 x 24 x 3