Glass Showcase (Radcliffe range)

Product Price
  • Mirror Backing (+20%)

    Add a mirror backing to your show case

    • 20 £

    Brass Engraving

    Add the final touch to your display by including a brass engraved plate to the showcase. The plate can include up to 50 letters/spaces. Try not to include too much detail.

    • 4.5 £

View other examples of Radcliffe display cases in our Gallery or our various pages under Uses

Choose your wood finish, base colour and then your internal measurements for the glass showcase.  

These are low level Showcases, without feet.  Typically in five sided glass, unless you choose a mirror backing.  The glass case sits within the base enabling you to lift up place your collectable underneath.

Generally purchased for smaller items with a height of about 10 inches and therefore ideal for collectables such as Franklin & Danbury Mint, single 1/43rd scale models, 1/50th scale trucks, O and OO gauge locomotives, aircraft, 1/1250 to 1/300 scale ship models to give some examples.  We have cased Steiff collectables, figurines,  football boots, rugby balls, tractors etc but do not have images of all.*  Please also view our Gallery

Available in Golden Mahogany or Dark Oak.

Internal base colours in jewellers suede should be chosen to contrast the contents. Another consideration is the choice of a mirror backing to the case. Usually they are situated on a shelf and therefore the reverse of the item is lost. If all round visibility is required, choose plain glass. The outside glass is trimmed with a fine mahogany birdsmouth with mitred corners.

If you are an existing customer you may be familiar with our codes and sizing as follows:

Radcliffe Range (table top without feet)

T110                     10 x 4 x 4 inches

S110                     20 x 4 x 4

Z110                     12 x 4 x 4

X95                      7 x 4 x 3

M110                   30 x 4 x 4

N110                    16 x 4 x 4

R120                    20 x 5 x 4

U120                    10 x 5 x 4

R160                    20 x 5 x 6.5

H120                   12 x 5 x 4

J150                    12 x 6 x 6

P100                   12 x 7 x 4

SHOWRAD36     36 x 8 x 8

SHOWRAD32    32 x 8 x 8

SHOWRAD30    30 x 8 x 8

SHOWRAD24    24 x 8 x 8

SHOWRAD18    18 x 8 x 8 

SHOWRAD14    14 x 8 x 8 

Whilst the above codes are a selection of some of the standard sizes, you can now choose from the site whichever size you require.  As a guide by adding 1.5 inches at each end, side & top of your maximum measurement of your  item, this will allow it to fit comfortably within the case.    This is however a personal choice, this acts as a guide.



* please also see our Facebook page.  If we have cased something for you and you are happy to share the image, please email us.