Glass Case with Feet (Belmont & Clifton)

Product Price
  • Mirror Backing (+20%)

    Add a mirror backing to your show case

    • 20 £

    Brass Engraving

    Add the final touch to your display by including a brass engraved plate to the showcase. The plate can include up to 50 letters/spaces. Try not to include too much detail.

    • 4.5 £

View other examples of glass cases with feet in our Gallery or our various pages under Uses

Choose your finish and base colour, then add your internal dimensions.  This Range, which are all finished in Indian Rosewood and have classical feet on the plinth at each corner, are for the larger models and have a very elegant appearance.

Glass is trimmed with a fine birdsmouth mahogany, mitred at corners.

There are two of our previously named cases that fit into this category:

Belmont – Suitable for larger models such as 1/18th Burago, Maisto, eagles Race or Pocher, as well as your own personal homemade items of purchases.  The key difference in the appearance is the feet and the rounding on the base molding.

Clifton – our largest showcase that caters mainly for the larger items such as ship models with their high masts, but also steam engines and large gauge locomotives.  This range will come in a thicker glass of x mm.

View examples of our cases on our Gallery pages


Should  you require toughened glass for displaying in a public place, please contact directly as our glass is typically 3mm standard.


We have historically given a code to our sizing or product.  If you are a regular customer, you may be familiar with the folowing (all sizes are shown in inches based upon internal measurements):

H150                   12 x 6 x 6 inches

GDEL5                 22 x 7 x 4

C5421                   15.5 x 7 x 4

E5451                   12 x 7 x 4

POCHER250        25 x 14 x 10

POCHER 200      25 x 14 x 8

FDEL5                 13 x 7 x 4

SHOWBEL36      36 x 8 x 8

SHOWBEL30      30 x 8 x 8

SHOWBEL24      24 x 8 x 8

SHOWBEL18      18 x 8 x 8

SHOWBEL3        20 x 10 x 6

Our shop now enables you to put the specific case measurement you would like.